Funding for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs)

SME loans offer

SME loans offer

SME loans are offered to medium-sized enterprises and can be used to finance the needs for working capital and investment. These loans are offered in Lek, USD, and Euro. Intrasavings Bank Albania approves SME up to the maximum amount which is estimated to be around 20% of sales. To finance your activity, you can choose the following loan forms:

  • Overdraft Service – an overdraft authorized to your current business account. You cover your expenses from your current account, and if you do not have enough funds you can automatically withdraw the funds provided by Overdraft service. The maximum overdraft amount is 300,000 euros and the maturity period 12 months.
  • Term Loan – which can be withdrawn gradually or through a single withdrawal. In the case when this loan is withdrawn gradually you determine a withdrawal plan for an amount for which an agreement is reached and a plan for the repayment of this loan. With this product you can easily plan the cash flow for your company. The maximum amount of Time Loan is 400,000 Euro, and the maturity period is 5 years for machine purchase and 10 years for investment.

You will not be eligible for grants greater than EUR 500,000 for combined credit services. Terms and Conditions

  • The Borrower may be a legal person or an individual who conducts business activity for more than 6 months and has annual turnover ranging from 500,000 to 2,000,000 Euros.
  • The Borrower must meet the Bank’s criteria regarding the lending value.
  • The Borrower must have verifiable sources of credit repayment – evidence of the capacity to meet the obligations arising from the loan, the repayment of the loan together with the interests and commissions within the maturity term and under the terms agreed upon beforehand.

Safety The collateral should be liquid, cash or real estate, equal to 140% of the loan amount. Machinery and equipment are not accepted as collateral. Information Needed for Beneficiary Companies:

  1. Pre-Appraisal Form Completed and Signed;
  2. 3 last balance sheets signed by administrators;
  3. Description of real estate to be mortgaged in favor of the Bank and its value;
  4. List of key clients
  5. List of key providers
  6. Activity description, business cycle

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