Car loan – conditions and requirements


 Anyone who wants to buy a new or used car, can pay off with the car loan. A loan from can be just the thing in this case. The lender cooperates with numerous banks and credit institutions, enabling him to select the cheapest loan among the banks for his clients. But what should be considered when requesting a car loan? Who is it suitable for and what do I have to bring with it? These questions and more we want to take a closer look and clarify here.

Your advantages of car loan:

Your advantages of car loan:

  • Online request the car loan and secure favorable interest rates
  • By the payout in cash discounts received at the dealer
  • Flexible loan installments
  • Flexible contract periods
  • Early loan repayment is possible
  • The motor vehicle letter remains with the applicant

What is the car loan?

Car loans can basically be concluded directly with a dealer. The applications are forwarded directly to the car banks. There is a subsidy of the loans from the automakers. They hope to increase their sales. The as Online Specialist offers a good alternative with interesting conditions and favorable financing . The advantage is that the loan application is independent of the action offers of the Autobanken, which are often limited in time and do not apply to all models.

The car loan is a installment loan. This means that at the beginning, a term is determined which is between 2 and 6 years for this loan. The loan amount can be used to calculate the installments that the borrower pays monthly. This amount is immutable. That is, the rates remain the same over the entire term. The installments are determined so that the borrower can carry them well and he has completely repaid the loan until the end of the term. Then he owns the car and he can continue to use it or sell it depending on the idea.

The car loan from is an alternative to loans for a new or used car directly from the dealer. It can be repaid within 2 to 6 years including the interest and applies to all models. If the loan has been fully repaid, the borrower is the rightful owner of the car.

Is the car loan possible even without remark?

In general, it is possible to request a loan without remark . The loans with remark information can lie with in principle between 3.000 euro and 250.000 euro. For a loan without remark , the amount is limited to 7,500 euros, making borrowing for a car loan more difficult. In special cases, you can always contact customer service, as it is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In the case of a loan without remark, the creditworthiness of the person is checked on a case-by-case basis and not by remark’s information, which determines the value of positive or negative information by assessing solvency and willingness to pay in relation to a group of persons assigned to the applicant becomes. That is, the resulting remark score is just an average.

A car loan is possible without remark, but limited to a loan amount of 3,000 euros to 7,500 euros. A credit with information about the creditworthiness is possible with up to 250.000 and works smoothly, if the remark turns out positively.

The requirements for the car loan

To be eligible for a car loan, the minimum age must be 18 years. For the loan to be repaid in the relevant contract period, a fixed and regular monthly income is necessary. If the requirements are met and the creditworthiness is sufficient, the loan can be approved and paid out in the next few days. This also allows a short-term purchase of a car.

The mandatory conditions for the car loan thus affect the age, the regular income and the credit rating. In this way, both sides, the borrower and the lender, can be assured that the loan will work under the agreed conditions and ultimately be paid.

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